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What is Factory Basics?

Factory Basics has been created to help factory managers and shop floor engineers understand the key factors that affect factory performance.

To support this objective Factory Basics offers consulting services and training courses, to help its customers identify how key improvement tools and factory management systems need to be assembled together.

It is only when all these mangement systems and tools are correctly implemeted and aligned, that our factories attain optimum operating efficiencies and excellent financial results.

Factory Basics consultants and instructors will answer questions related to their services. Please use the email and message box provided at the bottom of this page.

Consulting Services Portfolio

  • Factory Basics e-book

    The Challenge to attain high productivity improvements

    There are at least 48 different tools and activities that support the productivity imporvement inside a modern factory. We all learn about most of these tools at some point in our professional lives, but very few times we are taught how to asemble all these tools and systems together to attain optimum results.

    The e-book is now available at Amazon Kindle.

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  • Development of robust TPM systems

    A robust TPM system needs to include factors that are usually not considered when designing and implementing this critical productivity system. We are talking here about the need for the TPM system to include effective operator safety procedures, problem solving tools and machine improvement sessions, so the whole system can grow and become more reliable with time.

  • Development of effective quality control systems

    We all know by now that a reliable quality system starts with a well implemented ISO 9000 standard. This means that we have quality procedures, training and documentation in place. However beyond this point, it will be necessary to implement an array of tools that include a good problem solving and escalating tool, a strong defect control and analysis procedure and a robust shop floor layered auditing schedule.

  • High Performance Teams Logo

    High performance teams development

    "High Performance Teams" is the structure that supports all the management systems necessary in a world class factory. "High Performance Teams" facilitate the growth of the worker's engagement and the development of the supervisor's leadership. Without the engagement, leadership and creativity of the entire workforce, it will be very difficult to attain optimal productivity and excelent financial results.

Training Courses Portfolio

Logo for High Performance Teams: Support System Design, a Factory Basics course

High Performance Teams: Support System Design

How to design a system to support high performance teams.

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Logo of High Performance Teams: System Implementation, a Factory Basics course

High Performance Teams: System Implementation

How implement a system to support high performance teams.


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High Productivity Factories: Design and Development

How to design and implement a system to improve factory productivity.

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Creating a Factory Safety Culture

How to create a safety culture to reduce recordable accidents below 0.5 OSHA rate.

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Introduction to Factory Basics

Quick review of all the variables affecting Factory productivity.

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Implementing Robust Quality Systems

How to implement robust quality systems to reduce defects, customer complains and warranty.


Rodrigo Montano, instructor at Factory Basics

Rodrigo Montano

Senior Consultant/Instructor

Rodrigo Montano was most recently Campus Manager for Johnson Controls where he developed and built compressor and chiller plants in Monterrey, Mexico (April 1997 - September 2015). In this role, he focused on the production of screw and centrifugal compressors for AC and refrigeration applications. He also built water chillers and package units for commercial air conditioning and heavy industrial applications. Rodrigo is also an expert in team development. He has presented the Johnson Controls/Teampath high performance team methodology in several AME conferences in the USA and has guided the high performance team development in 8 plants within JCI. Prior to this, Mr. Montano was Plant Manager for Stanley Black & Decker (April 1995 - March 1997) and Operations Manager/Sales Manager for Carrier UTC/Equiprac (March 1988 - March 1995). He received an MBA in Business Administration from the International Management Development Institute, IMD, in Lausanne, Switzerland and a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. He has recently published a book on factory productivity improvement strategies on the Amazon Kindle platform. Rodrigo is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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